About Me

Image of Susi

I’ve spent most of my career working in a corporate environment – until 2005, when a personal tragedy gave me cause to take a step back and look more closely at what I wanted from my life in general and my career in particular. 

It quickly became clear to me that what I really wanted was a position in which I could make a genuine difference to people who might otherwise find everyday life a struggle.  My own experiences had already highlighted the need for a truly personal home help service, and I began to understand how much I could contribute in that area.

The last few years have completely justified my decision – I find my job tremendously rewarding and love being there to help those who struggle on their own.  As long as I can help people to continue enjoying the quality of life they deserve, whatever their circumstances, I’ll be passionate about providing the highest standard of home care possible.

I have always had a tremendous regard and respect for the elderly.  I can offer them a quality care service – helping with tasks around the home that might otherwise be difficult to carry out.

I provide a quality personal service; one of reliability, consistency and trust.  I am a caring, kind, patient and understanding person and happy to carry out any task that may be required by my clients.

The service I offer guarantees you’ll receive the best possible care.